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Our Companies

The key to the success of our investment strategies has been the development of our risk-management framework. Our risk objectives are entwined with our performance goals. We seek to optimize trade-offs to ensure that we meet our return objectives, control the volatility of these returns, track underlying liquidity and identify and manage macro-factor risk.

Markel CATCo Investment Management Ltd.

A Disciplined Investment Approach

Markel CATCo Investment Management Ltd. builds and manages concentrated, diversified portfolios designed to deliver meaningful market outperformance for our clients and investors.
These funds provide our investors the opportunity to participate in the returns from a selected mix of investments linked to reinsurance risks accessed through our Reinsurance Company, Markel CATCo Reinsurance Ltd.

Markel CATCo Investment Management Ltd. is a Bermuda exempted company with limited liability and regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

Markel CATCo Reinsurance Ltd.

Retrocessional & Reinsurance Protection

With a financially secure and innovative approach to providing retrocessional and traditional reinsurance protection, we work with our clients to design tailor-made programs that fits their reinsurance needs. We offer high service standards and strive to establish and maintain strong working relationships with our clients and brokers.

Innovative Approach

Via its unique pillar approach, Markel CATCo Reinsurance Ltd. provides its clients with the foundations for their entire annual reinsurance needs and are considered by the reinsurance market to provide "core" protection to our clients.

Financial Stability

Markel CATCo Reinsurance Ltd. is a Bermuda licensed Class 3 reinsurance company and is regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.
The underwriting platform is collateralised via a high-quality and conservatively-managed investment portfolio held in trust with leading global banks.

Collateralised Reinsurance Funds

Markel CATCo's Reinsurance Funds

Markel CATCo’s investment funds are collateralised and are largely uncorrelated to traditional asset classes. Risk is spread across multiple non-correlated risk pillars which aims to limit the amount of capital exposed with respect to a single catastrophic event.

These modelled risk pillars can be grouped into the following broad categories: US Wind, US Quake, Europe Wind, Japan Wind, Japan Quake, Rest of World, Offshore Global Marine and Energy, Aviation, Terrorism, Winterstorm, Wildfire, SCS and Flooding, as well as other Specialty Reinsurance Lines.